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Uploaded Kentaro story in Taiwan by medium in English, Chinese and Japanese

Welcome to Kentaro world ...

      Kentaro  …  Gank drumⅡmini & Asalato player from Japan

Kentaro is traveling around the world with Gank drum , Asalato and more unique small instruments.

He started to travel from 22 years old in Japan with his car but without money except petrol cost .

More his history below...

Kentaro released the first CD in 2015 in Taiwan.

This CD includes  Gank drum,  silent Asalato, Kalimba and Jam session with great friends.

Good for relax, yoga, meditation and calm down your mind ...

Enjoy the rhythm and vibration from Kentaro.

Kentaro performs his show in a cafe , church, temple,  school, and on the road. 

Normally his show is about one hour include asalato trial for guests.

You can check his schedule here...

Would you like to hold his show?

He can go anywhere as soon as possible. Just contact to us.

Please provide a place to sleep and beer for him ... !!

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