History of Kentaro ... 

Kentaro was born in Kanagawa, Japan on 15th of Nov 1986 as the youngest of five siblings.

He suddenly started to travel to where his friend was when he was 22 years old by himself. 

He didn't bring money , but card for petrol only.

During traveling, he found the way to survive.

Sometimes people helped him, sometimes he helped people and get some food.

He just traveled all over Japan with this style.

After the journey in Japan, Kentaro realized this world is not only Japan. 

So he decided to fly to Australia.

But he couldn't speak English at all.

He didn't know even how to say "south" in English.

His Japanese friend helped him to write "south" on a board then started hitchhiking.

Kentaro had never known where to go, where to sleep.

At the same time, he met great Asalato player.

Kentaro was shocked ... actually he had Asalato as a toy, but he had never seen how to play.

He is deft of hands but only Asalato he couldn't do at the time.

He'd decided to practice Asalato on the road. It was just practice but became busking.

Normally it was in front of a super market with a board " Can I stay one night?"

Kentaro had done busking and hitchhiking for half year in Australia.

He met so many people, live every day as though it were last.

It's unforgettable memory for him and this made his life style.

After few years, Kentaro traveled to Europe and Australia again.

Then he just grabbed $100 and flew to Taiwan in 2014.

He survived for 3 months without cost of accommodation.

He brought a tent with him but he used it just twice in this trip.

Always he exchanged his music and accommodation sometimes food as well. 

Kentaro got a opportunity to have music show in Hualien in Taiwan.

He played music in front of many people everyday for 2 weeks.

So he thought it's better to make a short song combine Gank, Asalato and Didgeridoo. It became his turning point of his life.

He started to compose songs since this time.

Kentaro flew to Cambodia after Taiwan to meet a Japanese girl, Mika.

They got to know each other in the beginning of his travel in Taiwan.

They traveled around Cambodia and Thailand together after that.

But this traveling made them miss Taiwan more. So they just went back to Taiwan from Thailand.

They made many connection there, then they rent a house in country side of south Taiwan.

There are 3 bed rooms in that house, so they named this house Kamo house as donation house.

Kentaro and Mika have been to Kamo house for 1 year already.

Normally they hitchhiked wherever they go even shopping,

because there are buses not so often.

Hitchhiking is good chance to meet new people and make friends.

They were helped by lots of hospitality and learned more from it. 


2016, They rented a house in Kerala in south of India for half year.

It's called Unsuian as donation house.


Now they are going  to New Zealand for few months.

And still plannning next distination...


Please say hello to them with big smiling when you see them !!

They are looking forward to seeing you soon...


To be continued ...